Your very own professional site builder. Self-hosted and 100% white-label

Provide a professional web site builder to your clients and customers. Use bundled blocks and components to easily built professional looking web pages.

Build with Blocks & Components

Professionally designed building blocks to create stunning web sites


SB Pro comes with a selection of professionally designed blocks, such as covers, features, slideshows, content sections, etc. Users can use these blocks to create stunning web pages literally within minutes.


For those users who desire more control over their pages, SB Pro offers a selection of components to customize pages on the canvas. Examples of components would be navigation bars, headings, text blocks, images, videos, maps, etc.

Run your very own site builder SaaS

Use SB Pro to kickstart your SaaS business; create membership packages and charge your customers


Kickstart your SaaS businuess; SB Pro allows you to create packages to which your customers can subscribe

blocks & components

Use the bundled blocks and components to offer your customers a turn-key solution to building beautiful web sites


SB Pro integrates with payment processor Stripe to collect and deliver your money straight into your bank account.

Drag & Drop your way to a beautiful web site

Join our 3,000+ happy customers and start building web sites within minutes with our easy to use drag and drop interface and style editor.

Start with blocks

Get your page on the canvas and looking awesome literally within seconds by using one or more of our blocks. Once on the canvas, blocks can be dragged and dropped to change the order in which they appear

Finishing touches using components

Use our pre-defined components such as navigation bars, maps, headings, text blocks, images ,videos and more for a higher level of control. Components already on the canvas can easily be re-arranged by dragging and dropping them.

Built-in HTML Editor

Use SB Pro’s built-in HTML editor to have full control over each blocks source code. Comes with built-in error detection.

Easy to use style editor

Modify virtually any style property for any element on the canvas. In addition to setting specific properties, style classes can also be applied, combining multiple styles.

Configurable & flexible

Using a configuration file, the application administratror will have full control over which style properties and classes are available for which elements.

More SB Pro features

It’s not just a pretty page builder 😉

Revision history

SB Pro will store older version of your pages and allows you to revert back to an older version anytime.

Form handling

Form submissions are easily captured by SB Pro, which will email the data to a specified address.


Allow users to easily publish their sites. Sites can be publishing in a sub folder, sub domain or custom domain.

Image library

Users can upload and maintain their private image libary. In addition, they can also use of the general image library.

Pre-made templates

Create and save full page templates which users can access and use to get their own pages ready faster.


Installation is super easy with the bundled installation script. Addiitonally we offer free installation service *

Expand SB Pro with additional blocks

In addition to the blocks bundled with SB Pro, we are currently working on a subscription service adding another 1,000+ blocks to your page builder. For  a small monthly fee, these blocks can be added to your copy of SB Pro.

Looking to build your own blocks, no problem! Adding your own blocks is easy, and the process is detailed in the provided documentation.


All packages below give the buyer the right to use the software until the end of time. However, if you want to continue receiving updates and support, you will need to pay a yearly renewal fee (details located below the pricing table).


Perfect for startups
  • 5 end-users
  • Install on 1 server
  • Basic support (email / forums)
  • 100+ professionally designed blocks
  • Free automatic updates for a year


Everything you'll ever need
  • Everything from Professional, plus:
  • Install on unlimited servers
  • 500+ professionally designed blocks
  • Access to the Github repo

* After purchasing the initial license; you will receive a copy of the source code combined with a license to use the software for as long as you’d like. Even without yearly renewals, you are free to continue to use the software. If you want to receive updates and support, you will have to pay the yearly renewal fee which depends on the purchased package:

  • Starter: $149 / year
  • Professional / Enterprise: $599 / year

SiteBuilder Pro has allowed us to offer our customers an easy-to-use, but very powerful web site creation tool. Since it comes with over 250 professionally designed blocks, we literally had the service up and running and fully functional within an hour!”

Sacha Salandar

Marketing Director, DND Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered the most frequently asked questions below. If you do not find your question below, feel free to shoot us an email.

What do “white label” and “self hosted” mean?

“White label”: means unbranded. You are free to slap your logo on it and call it yours.
“Self-hosted”: means you host this software yourself. After purchasing, you will receive a copy of the code to run on your own server.

Why does SB Pro not use templates?

SB Pro uses “blocks” rather then conventional templates. These blocks can be headers, footers, content sections, forms, etc. and combining them on the canvas will create your pages. Consider them building blocks, much as legos, used to quickly put together beautiful pages and sites.

Can users use their own domain names with this service?

Yes, they can. SB Pro offers several methods for hosting sites: subfolders (i.e., subdomains (i.e. and custom domain names (i.e.

After purchasing, can I keep using the software for as long as I want?

Yes, every purchase comes with a lifetime usage license for the software. However, if you want to keep on receiving updates and support, you will need to renew your package after 1 year (if your account is not set to auto renew, we will send you a notification when the year is almost over).

Am I allowed to modify the software to suit my needs?

Yes, you are. After purchasing, you will receive a copy of the software (and you can always re-download a fresh copy whenever you want) and you’re free to modify the software as you like. We do suggest following our modification instructions, as not doing so means your modifications will be overwritten during an update. Alternatively, you can turn off automatic updates to prevent your modifications from being overwritten.

Can we add additional blocks?

Yes. The blocks used by SB Pro are just plain HTML and therefore anybody familiar with HTML/CSS/JS can easily create additional blocks. The exact instructions for adding blocks are found in the documentation.

Can I charge my users? How do the user plans work?

Yes, you’re free to set whatever pricing you want for your plans. SB Pro integrates with Stripe to process and collect payments. You will have full control over limitations and options for each user plan. You can restrict things like the number of sites users can create, how and where they can publish their sites, how many and which blocks they will have access to, how many images they can upload, etc.

What happens if I do not pay the yearly renewal fee?

The yearly renewal fee only applies to continued support and updates. Therefor, not paying the yearly renewal fee would mean you are no longer eligible for support and updates. You can, however, continue to use the application for as long as you’d like without paying the yearly renewal fee.

SB Pro Features


SB Pro pre-order terms & conditions

Launch date and refunds

SB Pro’s public launch date has been set to the 30th of May 2017. By pre-ordering, you will commit to purchasing the chosen license on the release date. Until the software is released, you will not be charged. Additionally, those customers who pre-order before the 15th of May, will receive a closed beta release on the 15th (essentially giving them two weeks to evaluate the software).

If, for whatever reason, SB Pro’s launch will be pushed back, you will not be charged until the software is actually released.


The features included in SB Pro will be as described in detail on this site.

License terms

The SB Pro licensing terms can be found here.


Stay up to date

We would like to keep you up to date regarding SB Pro. We're continuously developing the software and we're releasing new features weekly.

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Stay up to date

We would like to keep you up to date regarding SB Pro. We're continuously developing the software and we're releasing new features weekly.

You have Successfully Subscribed!

Stay up to date

We would like to keep you up to date regarding SB Pro. We're continuously developing the software and we're releasing new features weekly.

You have Successfully Subscribed!