SB Pro License

Please note this is a summary of the full license which can be downloaded here.

Every SB Pro license offers you (the customer) a non-transferrable, perpetual right to use the software in any way you please for as long as you please. You are allowed to modify, change, alter and customize every line of code found as part of the software. You will be able to keep using the software for as long as you’d like.

You are allowed to create membership packages for your end-users and charge them whatever amounts you’d like, be it monthly or yearly.

You are not allowed to install and use the software on multiple servers, unless you have purchased the Enterprise license. In addition, the Starter license allows for maximum of 5 end-users (end-users would be users using your copy of SB Pro to build websites).

The yearly fee gives you the right to receive free, optionally automatic, updates. These updates can relate to bug fixes, security patches and new features. Please note we do not, under any circumstances guarantee updates. The yearly fee also allows you access to our support system. Support will either take place via email (for the Starer package) or by direct contact via Slack (or any other, similar platform) (for the Professional and Enterprise package).

When you choose not to renew your yearly fee, you will no longer be entitled to free updates and support. You are however, allow to continue using the software.